Sunday, September 17

Guest Week - Sean Cilano

Artist: CLAPAN-21st
Album: Century Lullaby

Comments: Clapan is the conglomeration atmospheric melodies, and unique sounds. Robotic sounding drum kits and percussive samples are arranged in intricate rhythms that relelntlessly work to hypnotize the listener. Think of the 'dial up' noise your computer used to make. Clapan is unpredictable and although songs are lengthy they rarely get tiresome, this unique sound stays fresh the whole was through the CD. Every time I listen I hear something new. The layers and layers of clean, tight production show a polished neo-electronic sound. Clapan is an audible kaleidoscope rich with unique twists and turns, dissonance and above all fresh beats. Think of Telefon Telaviv, or Aphex Twin. Clapan is unique, innovative, fresh, moody and flavorful.

That said, the best songs are:

Organ man
With your resolution

Note: Today's sexy review comes via Sean Cilano, better known as one half of the machine madness that is Abrev. You may recall their upstart EP being reviewed yours truly last year, and now Sean is returning the favor. Find out about abrev. at their Myspace.


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