Tuesday, November 7

Things and Other Things

Hello folks,

1) Ya boy Sean, best known as one half of Abreve and a guest writer for this site, has a review of some new hot shit underground hip hop. He gives it his stamp of approval, which is a pretty big deal if you know the guy as well as I do. He hates everything but the freshest of the fresh, so it's something worth checking out. You can read the review at http://newmusicnation.com/college-radio-buzz/2006/10/25/st-bonaventure-university-solillaquists-of-sound-review/ .

2) The year is drawing to a close, so before too much longer I'll be posting my thoughts on the best albums of 2006. Feel free to email me at Mrdogg45@yahoo.com with your suggestions and gripes.

3) The upcoming schedule is as follows:

Later this week - The Killers
Next Week - Subliminal Orphans, Tool, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Later in the Month - Clipse, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Damien Rice, and MORE!

Mrdogg out!


Anonymous said...

where is the TLA review

Paul Tsikitas said...

How does one guest spot on your here musical blog, sir?

PS- I'm linking you're ass.