Thursday, February 8

Incubus Phones in a Dud

Artist: Incubus
Album: Light Grenades

Comments: Okay, everyone. Raise your hands if you remember the band Incubus.

That’s right, ladies. You should all have your hands up. If you were between the ages of 14 and 45 in the late 90s you should remember Incubus. You gals were all over their softer, romantic ballads, like ‘Stellar” and “I Miss You”. You ladies got off on lead singer Brandon Boyd’s skinny frame and droopy earlobes. Chances are, you’ve still got a copy of “Morning View” floating around somewhere in your apartment. But you weren’t the only ones who like the band. Who else remembers Incubus? Anyone?

Ahh, don’t be shy, you metal heads and rockers out there. Incubus’ first few records were full of funk-influenced shredding and hard rocking mixed with a healthy dash of electronic and some above average DJ work. These guys were a cut above the rest of the rap-metal bands that have long since dissipated in the wake of new millennium. I’m sure some of you still put on “Fungus Amongus” and listen to “You Will be a Hot Dancer”. It’s rough, but it showed promise.

So we’ve got the romantics and the alt-rockers who admit to at one time being into this band. Well, believe it or not, you both have more in common that you think. I’m willing to bet that the reason both of you groups liked Incubus in the first place is because of something intangible. Regardless of what they were playing, be it nu-metal or California surf pop, Incubus always sounded into it. They never sounded like the were phoning it in; they loved what they were playing, and they were pouring all they had into.

Well then, you guys should stay away from this new CD, “Light Grenades”, because any inspired moments here are few and far between; separated in seas of shallow, un-ambitious, and indifferent rock. The only song on this entire LP worth listening to is the first single “Anna Molly”, and only because it is the only song on the record that sounds like the band even gives a crap about what they’re playing. There are some ok moments, but they come in flashes and drips latter on the record. This record is nothing more than filler from a band that is too stubborn to realize that they’re already in the land of irrelevance, and threatening to fall into the obscure. This one is a flop in every sense.

Rating: 3 out of 10

Key Tracks: “Anna Molly”

Worth The Money:
Heavens no, download Anna Molly and forget this mess.

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