Tuesday, January 22

Coachella 2008 Lineup

Well, it looks like festival season is coming early this year.

Only three weeks into 2008, the fellas and ladies behind Coachella, the massive L.A. based rock festival, have announced the line up for this springs' show. The lineup, which features well over 60 acts, is impressive, if not a bit reliant on established, long out of work acts like Madness and Kraftwerk. The latter being best known for their seminal Autobahn album, released in the 70's and featuring electronica songs that are way too fucking long. And we all remember Madness for that classic 1982 hit, "Our House."

I guess that's cool, but neither of those acts is going to get me to pay for ticket, air fair and lodging.

The other big draws are equally unimpressive. Jack Johnson is headlining the first day of the festival, which really depressing. The Verve is also on the bill for the first day, which would be a lot more exciting if this were 1996 and not 2008. Death Cab For Cutie is another "big" name, but I honestly can't imagine that a Death Cab stadium setup would be any fun, considering the band pretty much made a name for themselves with emotional mope-rock. Nothing says fun like mid-tempo poetry about being emotionally crippled played at 3oo decibels.

Coachella is really reaching out to the stoner crowd this year, too. Besides the for mentioned Johnson, the concert is also featuring Roger Waters, My Morning Jacket, Slightly Stoopid and myriad other groups that will probably at some point cover a Bob Marley song. Although, to be fair, I'm told MMJ put on a great live show, and unlike Death Cab, their sound would transfer really well in a festival setting.

Snide comments aside, there are some things to get excited about. Aesop Rock, The Streets, Little Brother and Spank Rock will all be in attendance, which is exciting until you realize that indie rap is too dense to be any good live. The e-popping rave crowd will be happy to see Justice, Fatboy Slim, Holy Fuck, Booka Shade, The Field and Dan Deacon will all be there expanding minds. Dan Deacon is a must-see and Justice is supposed to be incredible, so at least Coachella has got that going for it.

Mr.Dogg Recommends:
If you're hell bent on going to Coachella this year, Here are the bands that should not be missed. If Battles are half as interesting live as they are on Mirrored, they'll make for a great show. Equally cool is Minus the Bear, who have been playing math / dance / prog / punk / electronica music better than anyone in the past few years. For fans of collective music, axe Animal Collective and instead go watch twee masters Architecture in Helsinki make people feel good. That goes double for I'm From Barcelona, who plastered shotgun-powered smiles on the faces of hundreds at last year's Lollapalooza. Finally, make time to take in the Shout Out Louds, the finest UK pop band this side of Los Campesinos!

The full line-up is here. Maybe you'll be more impressed than I was.

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Paul Tsikitas said...

I'd like to add that a little band called Black Mountain is going to be on stage there too. And as an avid fan of theirs, they are ones not to be missed. The new album is out and it's fantastic if you like kick as prog rocking goodness. Mr. Dogg, def check out In The Future. It's easily the best rock album you will listen to all year... and it's only January.