Wednesday, May 28

The Start of Something Big: NFG is Back

Artist: New Found Glory
Album: Tip of The Iceberg EP

Comments: Finally. New Found Glory is back.

But they are teasing their fans with only three new original songs.

On April 29th, the coral-springs based band released Tip of the Iceberg/Takin it Ova! two-disc split EP containing three new NFG songs, three punk covers, and a second cd with the band’s alter cartoon ego (or just their side project) International Superheroes of Hardcore. This is very exciting, considering NFG’s last full-length studio album was Coming Home in 2006, and then their second version of From the Screen to Your Stereo in 2007. Let’s not forget about Hits earlier this year, but seriously, this wasn’t as exciting because everyone already had these songs.

With their three new original songs, NFG has decided to take a faster, harder edge, yet keep the catchy choruses, and continue to hook listeners with their lyrics. The first track, “Tip of the Iceberg” is only a little under a minute and a half long, but starts off the EP on the right track.

The second track, “Dig My Own Grave,” continues the typical NFG hype, and serves as the single off the EP. Be sure to check out their amusing online-only video for “Dig My Own Grave” here. The boys finish their original songs with “If You Don’t Love Me,” and leave the listener looking forward to their next full length, due to release in February 2009 under the guidance of producer Mark Hoppus.

NFG covers “No Reason Why” by Gorilla Biscuits, “Here We Go Again” by Shelter, and “Cut the Tension” by Lifetime. They prove that they can still rock out and keep the punk alive, which they may have put on the back burner with their last full length.

Overall, it's not my favorite EP, single, or covers by NFG, but it is exciting to see that they can go back to their punk roots and still kick ass at it. The new album in February should be awesome, and it was a great idea to release only a few new songs to get fans pumped. In the end, the boys say it best: this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rating: 6 out of 10
Key Track: Dig my own Grave
Buy, Steal, or Skip: Steal

- Mary Elizabeth Sullivan

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