Wednesday, July 23

The Best Sale is the Bake Sale

Artist: The Cool Kids
Album: The Bake Sale EP

Comments: In a world of constant motion, we find that some things do not change. Most will agree that it is hard to find something new in music. That isn’t the kase with the Cool Kids. They have found a genius way of delivering hip hop by paying konstant homage to the genre’s early fashion and style of flow, while bringing some of the hottest lyrics over new and fresh beats.

A real music pioneer might not know what to do with themselves after hearing the Cool Kids for the first time. Can you truly remember the feeling you got when you heard something totally different yet totally amazing? That is the feeling I guarantee you will get from listening to The Bake Sale.

Let me break it down. When it comes to the beats, you will hear some of the kraziest bass and mixing ever put on one CD. You’ll find that the beats are simple but have enough of a twist on them to keep your head bouncing before a word is even said on the song. The Cool Kids are definitely the premier group of the year and will gain even more attention just because their musik and style will never conform or become commercial; what you see is what you will continuously get.

We then come to the lyrics, which I find to be just as retro as their style. If two rappers from 1988 were frozen in a tube and released in 2008, that would b the Cool Kids. They have a great sound that can easily be marketed to any fan of hip hop, whether it’s the guy that used to jam to Rakim all day on his stoop, or the guy who just bought Kanye’s latest album. Whoever it is, they will truly appreciate the old skool theme over new skool beats.

I can only hope that more Mc’s take a look at their style and learn because if they do not then they will get lost in the breeze. These days fans are becoming more and more kritical of the music they hear, they aren’t afraid to go against the grain and say a CD sucks. This puts a lot of pressure on artist to put out pure kreativity and kraftsmanship on their albums. The Cool Kids have found that perfect mixture; I give this album an 8. I want more than 10 songs, even though those 10 songs are hot. I want more for my bucks; let me see more of what you can do.

- by Kyle "KB" Banks

Rating: 8 out of 10

Key Tracks: Blag Mag, Mickey Rocks, Gold And a Pager

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