Thursday, September 4

Video: J.Fox - "Boombox Batteries"

This reminds me a lot of those lo-fi videos that early 90s alt-rock bands used to put out. The world always needs more technicolor, I say.

J. Fox MySpace
We're Happy to Be Here on LOTD

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J. Adams said...

Dearest cousin,

I forgot to bring up this query at the reunion. I stumbled upon your review of (I'm almost afraid to mention their name for fear of beings murdered in my sleep by the rabid fans in question) Pattern is Movement and their All Together album a few weeks ago. I was flabbergasted by the massive quantity of vehement responses you received after giving your assessment! Were those posts all sincere? Or was it just another well-orchestrated publicity stunt you devised to garner your blog more views? Need I remind you of the whole Pavement Wowee Zowee debacle of 95?

P.S. P.I.M. really is no good