Wednesday, January 7

Hair Jordan Shoots, Scores

Artist: Black Ladies
Album: Hair Jordan EP

Comments: Of all the rock duos to grace my stereo over the last several years, none had as much punch and staying power as the heartbroken robots in Death From Above 1979. You're A Woman, I'm a Machine was not only of the best albums of 2004, but still remains the strongest duo album of all time. Now, in their awesome wake, the Black Ladies have stepped up in an attempt to fill that particular void.

Musically, the bands don't have much in common, yet the comparison is hard to avoid as both groups consist of only drums and bass. However, the tracks on the Black Ladies Hair Jordan EP are not so much about relationships and lust as they are about destroying the world. See, the Black Ladies have more in common with attack bands like Lightning Bolt and Hella, groups that are not about message or meaning, only destruction. While the EP never reaches the same chaotic heights as the other two bands, the songs are far and away more user friendly.

The EP opens with "Hair Jordan," a wordless three minute blast of sixteenth notes and punishing drums, both airtight and locked into each other. This trend of relentless sound is carried into the EPs other two tracks, "Ace of Fades" and " Skullcaps," with only the occasional change in tempo and the fuzzed out vocals that briefly show up on the last track to make a difference.

Hair Jordan is the kind of EP that is best heard and not described. I am not a good enough writer to convey the power and brutal fun of this music. At about eight minutes long, the EP never wears out its welcome, although I could see an entire album of this getting a little old without some more accompaniment besides the drum and bass fuzz. Regardless, Hair Jordan will fill a rocking duo hole in your heart and make you believe in the power of two.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Key Tracks: Hair Jordan, Ace of Fades

Buy, Steal, Skip: Buy

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