Tuesday, March 3

Get It Now #2: Constantines - On To You

(Get It Now! is a new segment at LOTD, and, as the title suggests, it is an instant recommendation of what sounds good in the moment. Act fast before the mood changes!)

The Constantines are a hard band to pin down. Their complex guitar layering avoidance of traditional song structure and gruff vocal delivery make them consistently interesting, if not always instantly successful with first time listeners. However, when these Canadian post-rockers put their mind to it, they can make one fine song. While they've never delivered a knockout album from start to finish, tracks like "On To You," "Young Lions," and "Shine A Light" off their watershed 2003 release Shine A Light proves that when Constantines get it right, it's time to sit up and listen.

Constantines - On To You
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