Monday, April 6

Goodnight to the Rock and Roll Era

Left of the Dial is going on hiatus for a few months on account of some spontaneous employment (I know, I'm just as surprised as you are).

In my absence, I advise you to check out the following sites for your music needs:

Picasso Blue
(For your punk / indie needs.)

In The Wake of Poseidon (Like rock music? So does Paul.)

The Garbage Man and the Ambulance
(Dudes, this is what the hipster gals are listening to. Ladies, this is what you should be listening to if you want to be hip.)

Also, check these ones out, too.

Nickmongo (Comics that occasionally feature jokes.)

Drunk and Stuck in Philadelphia... (A good read if you live in Philly and like alcohol.)

Well, that's it! You can still read my thoughts at and No Ripchord, on occasion. Thanks for reading this mess, everyone. I'll bring it back around again when I've got the time for it. In parting, I leave y'all with this:

One love,
Mr Dogg


Joe said...

Only posers die, Nate!

Paul Tsikitas said...

Yeah man. Keep posting. I haz job and post!