Wednesday, January 13

To Boldy Go...

So I was going to write about the new Citay album last night and post it this morning, but then Star Trek: The Next Generation (my favorite show ever) came on last night and I got a little side tracked.

So THEN I thought, "Hey, Stupid, why not just write about whatever episode comes on next? Sure, it's not music and, yes, it'd be silly. Maybe it'd be fun or funny though."

SO I WAS GOING to write a running diary of the episode. Seeing as most of the TNG episodes are chalk full o' craziness, I thought I would be a breeze.

Turns out it was that suckass episode where Riker can't get any sleep and Data has a poetry reading. What. The. Fuck.

So no update today. Check back tomorrow.

Image courtesy of the Riker Blog


JWA said...

Riker has no class!

Anonymous said...

you should have kept watching because that episode gets awesome. some of the sweetest frakes moments ever occur in that one. get a grip mr dogg!