Friday, February 19

Hiku Reviews #5: I'm LAAAAAAAZY Edition

Haiku Reviews: In which Nate Adams uses the ancient art of (Chinese? Japansese? Mexican?) poetry and reviews albums in a 5-7-5 format. Is it laziness, or NEW ZEN CRITICISM? Be the judge or submit your own, assface! Contact Nate on Twitter or at

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: The Rebirth

For die hard Wayne fans
only. Between Avril and
T-Pain lies Rebirth

The Soft Pack
Album: The Soft Pack

How many more bands
will record stuff in Brooklyn?
Garage rock, please stop.

Artist: Mixtapes
Album: Maps

Lemuria got
married to Reliant K,
had a cute 'lil babe.

The Go Find
Album: Everyone Knows Its Gonna Happen, Only Not Tonight

A few quick pop songs
are all that keeps this record
from total mope-rock.

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