Wednesday, April 5

April Notes

Hey All, a few quick things.

1) Money is kind of tight this week, so I won't be able to get out and buy any new records untill sometime next week. I'll put up a few Mr. Dogg Classics in between now and then, and maybe a Top 5, but as far as new albums go, it'l be about a week. Make sure to check back.

2) New Layout: I'd been getting some complaints that the old layout was alittle rough on the eyes, so i switeched layouts. Let me know if this is easier for all you with less than perfect vision.

3) I'm kicking around the idea of a mailing list to let people know when the site gets updated, keep poseted on music news, ect. Anyone think thats a good idea?

4) Dude, have you seen LOST lately? That show is friggin intense with a capital INTENSE.

Ok, thats about it for now. Thanks alot for reading. Feel free to email me your comments, concerns, or suggestions at or just leave em here. Adios

1 comment:

Bobby said...

It's nice to see that Mr. Dogg aka The N8 One listens to his loyal readers. I can read a whole review without my retinas bursting and blood spraying from my sockets. The light on dark is muuuuuch nicer. Keep up the good reviewing and everyone at Chuck's misses u on tuesdays (and only tuesdays so don't feel to special). LAter NAter