Wednesday, April 19

News Update

Hey there music nuts. Happy Easter/Passover/ any other religious holiday.

Here's the skinny.

1) No review this week. Money is especially tight and there isn't anything I am really keen on buying. But keep your eyes peeled, because a free copy of the new Saves The Day Album might be coming my way and if it does, ill throw that out there.

2) I've decided I'm going to start up a mailing list. All you've gotta do is send me your email adress and I'll send you notifications any time the site gets updated with reviews or news posts. Ill also throw in some concert info and other music news. So leave a message here or email me at and I'll put you on the list.

3) Last week I reviewed the Less Than Jake EP and then went on a rant. One of my readers sent my comments to J.R from Less Than Jake and he sent a resonce back. I'll be posting that sometime this week

4) Have you seen the lineup for Lollapalooza? It's like an indie nerd's wet dream. Im gonna be surrounded in scarves and tight cloths and indifference music snobbery the likes of which the world has never seen.

OK, thats about it for today. There is some more Jared Adams news, and Atreyu has a new album out, so you can pick that up. Also, Ghostface Killah's album is suppsoedto be hot fire, so get on that. Built to Spill has got a new one out for you indie folks, and as I said, Saves the Day's new one is out too. So there's stuff to listen to untill I get around to a review. Peace Out!

Mr. Dogg

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