Sunday, March 7

Haiku Reviews # 6 Best Week Ever Edition

Haiku Reviews: In which Nate Adams uses the ancient art of (Chinese? Japansese? Mexican?) poetry and reviews albums in a 5-7-5 format. Is it laziness, or NEW ZEN CRITICISM? Be the judge or submit your own, assface! Contact Nate on Twitter or at

This week, there are no less than seven albums coming out that are of great interest to me. As a result, some other albums, be it ones I've had for a few weeks or that just wouldn't be fun to write about or that I haven't had a chance to flesh out ins full review, need to be dealt with to make room for the coming influx of good shit. With that in mind, dig into these little review snapshots.



Artist: Xiu Xiu
Album: Dear God, I Hate Myself

I was bummed out to
find Xiu Xiu were not nearly
as weird as I'd hoped.

Artist: Field Music
Album: Field Music (Measure)

Stuff that sounds like Queen
is okay, but this album
is too fucking long.

Artist: Collapse Under The Sun
Album: A Place To Be Safe

Even the post-rock
sounds like techno when it is
made in Germany.

Artist: Local Natives
Album: Gorilla Manor

Pitchfork blog buzz band
builds a better Fleet Foxes,
totally hype worthy.

Artist: Gil Scott Heron
Album: I'm New Here

Spoken word hinges
on good writing and good voice,
Scott-Heron brings both.

Artist: Jaga Jazzist
Album: One Armed Bandit

I don't know what the
fuck is happening here but
this album is great.

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