Wednesday, March 3

Rap Video Wednesday

I really didn't want to post a rap video today. I had every intention of writing a review of the most recent Freelance Whales album. I even wrote up a word document that listed every album I wanted to review and the specific day I wanted to review it, and Freelance Whales was slated for today.

But then I worked a long shift at work and the minute I came home and sat down on my bed to write, I lost my moxy. I would be a terrible sassy dame..

Either way, my bad guys. My bad, Freelance Whales. Let's all ease our sorrows with a little Trick Daddy. After all, Trick does love the kids, and that's gotta count for something, right?

Wait, you day you'd like MORE Trick Daddy? MORE TRICK DADDY? Perhaps with a dollop of Lil' Jon? Well, your wish is my command!

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