Thursday, August 14

Five Card Draw #1

In the interest of keeping the daily updates rolling, here's a new feature called Five Card Draw, in which we'll have a friend of LOTD put their ipod on shuffle and write about the first five songs that play. One skip is allowed, so use it wisely. This idea is pretty much the exact same thing as something the City Paper does, so any and all credit should go to them. This week, Mr. Dogg himself will handle the inaugural proceedings.

1) Ladyhawk - Start a War (Fight for Anarchy, 2007)
I've given Ladyhawk more credit than anyone I know, and in all honestly, probably more than they deserve. I really wish this cut from their vinyl / digital-only EP had made it on to this year's Shots. Catchy and cloudy, this is the kind of song the band really needs to start making more often.

2) Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy Jr. (Illinois, 2005)
It's not often that a song can be both beautiful and moving while putting you on edge, but "John Wayne Gacy Jr." does just that. Probably the best song of Illinois, its notable for making the listener feel sympathetic for a dude who killed a whole mess of people dressed like a clown.

3) Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fancy (Show Your Bones, 2006)
While the backlash is starting to die down, I can't help but feel like Show Your Bones is the album that time forgot. Despite initial disappointment across the board, to me this album is the sneaky hit of 2006. Granted, "Fancy" is by no means my favorite track, but the progression in songwriting by Karen O and the movement away from Strokes-punk makes this record way better than folks like to admit.

4) The Hold Steady - Magazines (Stay Positive, 2008)
While this album is growing on me in the best kind of way, it's still not as good as their 05 release. Sam Scavuzzo wrote in his original review of this album that Craig Finn sounds like he invented the chorus, and I'm starting to see what he means. Also, shout out to Lucero guest vocal-ing on this track.

5) Whole Wheat Bread - Lound and Clear (Minority Rules, 2005)
These guys made slightly above average pop-punk, but got play based on the novelty of their skin color in a a genre populated by 12-14 year old suburban kids. There are at least three good songs on this album, and this is not one of them. Interesting tidbit, the bass player of this band got arrested about an hour outside my town.

- Mr Dogg


Joe said...

Nate, you ignorant slut, it's called 'show your bones.' show them! that record was good! eff the haters in the ear! exclamation.

Paul Tsikitas said...

OO OO! I want to do this!