Thursday, August 21

Haiku Reviews: Foals, Flight of the Conchords, Man Man

Artist: Foals
Album: Antidote

Post-punk with some horns.
Tight, sounds like Minus the Bear.
Drags, a good début.

Raiting: 7 out of 10
Key Tracks: Cassius, Red Rocks Pugie, Electric Bloom
Buys, Steal, Skip: Steal


Artist: Flight of the Conchords
Album: Flight of the Conchords

Acoustic soul songs
With jokes. Better with pictures
Still good party tunes.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Key Tracks: Inner City Pressure, Think About it, The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
Buy, Steal, Skip: Buy


Artist: Man Man
Album: Rabbit Habbits

Man man’s “pop” record
Less love sick insanity
Good but not like Bag.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Key Tracks: Ballad of Butter Beans, Rabbit Habbits, Top Drawer
Buy, Steal, Skip: Buy

-by Mr Dogg

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