Wednesday, August 20

Five Card Draw #2

In which we'll have a friend of LOTD put their ipod on shuffle and write about the first five songs that play. One skip is allowed, so use it wisely. This idea is pretty much the exact same thing as something the City Paper does, so any and all credit should go to them. This week, LOTD contributor and internet-enthusiast Paul Tsikitas spins some hot jams and Michael McDonald.

1) Michael McDonald – Believe In It (Yacht Rock Soundtrack)
What a delightfully awkward way to start this little endeavor. Let me explain myself here. If you have never heard of or seen the JD Ryznar Channel 101 series Yacht Rock, you'd think I was a closet Mike McDonald fan. But since I have all these episodes on my iPod and the entire soundtrack (which consists of Toto, Kenny Loggins, Steely Dan and even Dr. Dre,) then I direct your attention to the link here to see the episode named after this delightful cheese tune from the 80's. Seriously, watch the shorts and try NOT to get addicted to all things Yacht Rock. And after these episodes, you will be outed for your love of Mikey Mc.

2) Radiohead – Go Slowly (In Rainbows Bonus Disc, 2007)
That's more like it! An amazingly haunting and sumptuous dream pop classic. When Radiohead released In Rainbows for free, I decided to shell out the dough for the Disc Box which came with the vinyl, the CD and the bonus disc as well as a lot of artwork. As much as free music is great, it was worth the large sum of money for the genius presentation and the brilliant second disc with this awesome cut. Radiohead played this song at their last Camden Waterfront show. A pure delight.

3) Coldplay – Such a Rush (The Blue Room EP, 1999)
Before it was a sign that you were gay, liking Coldplay wasn't all that much. And in 1999 when this wonderful EP was released, not that many people were buzzing about the band yet. Most of the songs on this disc appeared on Parachutes the next year, but here they all sound a bit different and were the signs of a pop muxic powerhouse to come. This track builds at the end into a gorgeous "rush"* of emotions and clamor of instruments.

*(Ugh - Ed)

4) Cold War Kids – Rubidox (Robbers & Cowards 2006)
A lot of buzz surrounded this band and their first single, "Hang Me Up to Dry" received a lot of praise. It's an overall decent album but nothing to write home about. This track has copious amounts of percussion and an interesting structure. I think my favorite part of this band is the lead singers bluesy swagger in his voice. I saw them open for Muse, which was a terrible combo, but they were really kinetic on stage. I think they'd be better at World Café or something like that. The last place I want them to play is with a band where I expect to rock the fuck out.

5) Dump – Curl (I Can Hear Music, 1995)
I first heard Dump from an amazing tape called That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice, a rare release of Prince covers. Dump is the alias of Yo La Tengo bass player James McNew. I went on a feverish hunt for all of his releases after hearing that and found one of my favorite artists. A one man band who uses a Casio drum machine writes beautiful songs that are raw and from the heart. This track just floats above the ground with it's soothing melodies and dreamy vocals. If you stumble upon a Dump album at the record store, pick it up immediately. Not only are they hard to come by, they are diamonds in the rough.

-by Paul

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